They say you’re not supposed bring work into the bedroom. They also say you shouldn’t have a TV in the bedroom. This advice sounds good in theory, but like any good workaholic I just can’t help myself. In fact sometimes I watch T.V., visit with my husband and check email all at the same time. I won’t claim to sleep well or have an amazing sex life, but on both counts I manage. If you’re looking to sleep better or improve your sex life than by all means get your work and T.V. out of the bedroom, but if you’re just looking to organize the work you brought into the bedroom and that now covers your nightstand—keep reading this is for you.

My nightstand ends up cluttered with paperwork, catalogs, my Kindle, chargers, books, tissue, and much more. I should have a desk next to my bed not a nightstand, but I’m not that crazy……yet. So in lieu of getting a larger piece of furniture it became necessary for me to organize my nightstand. When getting organized you should always start with a written plan. I made a list with three columns. The first column was everything on my nightstand, the second column was ‘stay’ or ‘go’, the final column was my organizational solution or final resting place for this item.

This is what my list looked like:

This is what I did:

1) Drilled a hole in back of nightstand drawer and ran chargers through the back so both my iPhone and Kindle could be charged from inside the drawer.

If you don’t have a drawer in your nightstand use a charging station/organizer like the one from Jonathan Adler.

2) Purchased a drawer organizer for my nightstand drawer. I used the organizer to store my lip gloss, a pen, pencil, highlighter, and notepad/paper. The Sticky Note Set from Galison has every size paper you could possibly need. (Unless you’re composing a novel—for that you will need some larger paper.) The charging station/organizer mentioned above has a small drawer and storage for these items if your nightstand doesn’t have a drawer.

3) Shopped my house to find a basket that would look great in my room and hold catalogs and magazines. The Bungalow File Tote was the perfect size. I also added two plastic pouches to the tote.  One pouch for tearing pages from magazines, recipes, inspiring décor, etc. The second pouch for tearing pages from catalogs, things I want to buy. I also positioned a waste basket right next to my nightstand. I can tear out pages as I read the magazines and toss the rest when I’m finished.

4) I put the books back on the bookshelf. I can really only read 1 book at a time, plus I have a Kindle. I don’t need an entire reference library next to my bed, plus books collect dust and are not good bedmates for those with allergies.

5) I got a tissue box cover to make my tissue look like part of the room and not just clutter.

6) The satellite radio stays exactly where it is, but the lamp moved to the wall. I invested in matching wall hanging lamps for each side of the bed.

7) I now bring my laptop bag into my bedroom and put my computer back in it when I’m finished.

8) I found a small dish to hold jewelry and hair ties. I like the Egg Crate from Anthropologie, it prevents your jewelry from getting knotted together.

9) I did set some rules for myself. Absolutely no bills in the bedroom. I’m fine bringing creative work to bed, but I draw the line at anything stressful. For me that’s bills and contracts.

Here are the products you can use to organize your nightstand:

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  1. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    Love this post AND your fabulous organizing products on your website. What I like most about your post is the honesty and process you go through for identifying the problem and going through the decision-tree to come up with great solutions. You were honest with yourself and us about what you did and didn’t need. Great night stand makeover! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and products. I often feature your products in my newsletter. I’ll be featuring the gorgeous Semikolon magazine boxes in my summer edition.

  2. Heather
    Heather says:

    I love this topic because I think there are many tasks that can be achieved in the bedroom besides the obvious. However you want them neat, tidy, organized and functionally stylish.I do love that you provided a picture of some products to give us some hints. Thanks!!


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