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I promise that Make Your Own isn’t going to be all about bulletin boards. I realize that the first two posts in this series have been on this subject, but it’s been out of necessity. I promise to bring you some fresh new ideas soon….very soon, for now I bring you an extra-large bulletin board solution.

I have a really long wall in my office that was in need of some sort of decoration. I considered wall-mount shelves, wall paper and even wall decals, but my practical side talked me out of it. I already have shelving and the wall paper or decals didn’t serve a purpose. The office I currently occupy is fairly small and I have to make every square inch count. What I needed most were bulletin boards; a place to post design inspiration, color schemes and even mementos.

For several months I searched. I really wanted magnetic chalk boards or a cork board in a great frame. I either needed one extra-large board or three large boards, but I couldn’t find anything in my price range. (I have three kids who need braces and clothes and books….so spending a ton of money on bulletin boards for my office would be a little selfish.)

At the craft store I came up with an idea-that sometimes happens at craft stores-to use artist canvas boards. They were on sale two for one, so I could buy three large boards for $60. Jackpot!!!

I thought I might have to insert foam backing to hold the pins, but I didn’t. I used a variety of small map tacks and See Jane Work Basic Push Pins. They all worked great.

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  1. Brooklyn
    Brooklyn says:

    This is such a cute idea! I am going to do this in my living room. But just one canvas and put photos on it! Great Idea!

  2. lisa s
    lisa s says:

    what did you use to mount the boards to the wall?
    my son is an artist and we have MANY art canvas boards to hang.
    if they were not already painted, i would use them to try your bulletin board idea.

    • admin
      admin says:

      I ended up using two nails with really large heads. I spaced them at the top on either side of the middle bracket. The large nail head could slip under the wood and hold the board flush to the wall. Not sure if this is the best way, but it worked!

  3. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I LOVE this…what a GREAT idea! I cannot wait to recreate this look in my own home with my own style. This is a wonderful way to hang all those school artwork projects, randon magazine clippings (I am always clipping out things that I see that I want, but aren’t in the budget) and notes for my family. Thanks See Jane Work for the tip!

  4. Sue Durda
    Sue Durda says:

    What a great idea! I am buying two large ones for my hallway to put photos on. I can change them out quickly when I want to put up new ones.
    Thanks Jane, you’re the greatest!

  5. Ella | The Office Escape
    Ella | The Office Escape says:

    Echoing everyone’s comments. I definitely love this idea. In fact I am going to go and hunt for one later this afternoon. Looks like my weekend is going to be busy with this 🙂


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