blog-divider_packing-styleThere’s no magic suitcase, at least to my knowledge, that puts outfits together and cleans clothes during travel. So it’s best to plan your outfits, travel lightly and organize your suitcase.  Use a packing list or print one and use our outfit planner, each time you travel. Use pouches to consolidate small, like items, undergarments and workout clothes for example. I also bring the travel set from The Laundress, it includes a water-resistant pouch as well as static and stain you’re going to blow your diet, it shouldn’t be on airplane food. There are some food items that travel well. I travel with instant oatmeal packets, nuts, dried fruit, Starbucks Via instant coffee, Luna Bars and Justin’s Peanut Butter Packets. You can always get hot water to make oatmeal, simply mix in the nuts and dried fruit for a balanced meal. Justin’s Peanut Butter packets are great on apples, even the worst hotels usually have apples and bananas for
blog-divider_climate-controlChances are slim that the climate in the airport, or on the plane, will be to your liking. On one occasion, I had checked my bags and made it through security only to discover that my flight was delayed for two hours. Then it was four hours, then six, then it was 11 pm at night and the gift shops had closed and I was freezing. Since then, I always bring a shawl or wrap, lightweight in the summer and a heavier version in the winter. A lot of travelers recommend dressing in a layers, but if I take something off and can’t attach it to my handbag, I will lose it. A wrap or shawl is easy to carry, adds to your outfit,  can cover a stain on a shirt and works as a lap wheeled bag and good shoes can make running through an airport relatively painless. I wear shoes that are easy on my back and easy to remove at security, cute ballet flats or tennis shoes.  If you’re flying to meet a guy and you are young enough to ignore the pain, then by all means travel in stilettos, that is between you and your felt up at the airport is not as fun as it sounds. The trick is staying calm. They’re just doing their job, so even if you don’t feel like smiling, force yourself. If you don’t travel frequently, check the TSA website so you are prepared. Be nice and patient with security, your fellow travelers and flight crew no matter how they treat you. I promise this is for your own close, and humorous friend always reminds me during travel, “follow the rules please.” It’s funny how everything really does come back to that simple phrase, especially when traveling.

My final parting words are these; Please do not board the plane in slippers and pajamas. I realize it’s not always possible to look your best, I too have traveled with children, but you can do better than the clothing you slept in.  Your fellow travelers thank you in advance.


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