Choosing a laptop or business bag doesn’t have to be as difficult as choosing a laptop; bag terminology is so much easier than computer terminology. You may not know the difference between RAM and ROM, but you certainly know the difference between leather and canvas.  Finding a bag that was both stylish and functional used to be a challenge, but with so many great bags in the marketplace, you can find a bag that looks great and keeps you organized. Here are some features you should are the perfect size to act as a travel carry-on, or for paperwork between home and office.  A stylish laptop bag can become your everyday handbag.  I’ve invested in black leather, dark brown faux croc and light tan bags; I’ve found that these three colors go with just about everything in my closet.


Before investing in a laptop bag you should consider how you will carry the bag. Do you prefer to carry it by hand, over the shoulder, cross-body or on your back? Are you short or tall? These are factors that will determine the best handle length for you. If purchasing a bag online, you can measure the handle length of a bag you already own for comparison. Also consider whether the bag has optional straps, some bags come with detachable shoulder straps, that come in handy when traveling.


It may sound silly, but the opening, closing function of a laptop bag really does matter.  Is the closure secure? Is the closure so secure, it takes minutes rather than seconds to open your bag? Do you prefer an open or zip top bag? Can you access frequently used items, like your phone and wallet, while the bag is still on your arm? Is the bag opening wide enough to fit file folders if needed?blog-image_laptop-sleeve

I like to keep a clutch in my business bag, especially when traveling.  If I need to go out for business lunch or dinner, I simply grab the clutch,  which is already filled with my most essential items. A clutch can also help keep your bag

There’s nothing worse than spending the beginning of a meeting digging through your laptop bag looking for a pen. A good business bag should have some pockets to make organizing easier. Some even feature front zipper pockets, allowing you to access your wallet or phone easily. No matter how many pockets, chances are you will still need a little added organization.  Zippered pouches or tech organizers will make it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

blog-image_elektronistablog-divider_consider-optionsThis guide is certainly not exhaustive, but it does touch on some important points. Don’t forget that your workplace style, which includes the bag you carry, can enhance the image you hope to convey.

Most bags pictured in this article are from Knomo London and are available for purchase at  blog-image_shop-link


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