Who is Jane?

The first question that pops into most people’s heads when they hear about our company is, “Who is Jane”?

Jane is a fictional character who embodies everything working women are today. Whether our work is in the home, in the office, or, in our home-office, we are expert organizers and multi-taskers who can lead the staff meeting, make the contract revisions, and schedule the vet appointment, all before we’ve had our second cup of coffee.

Many of us grew up in the days when little girls wore pink dresses and Mary Jane shoes to school. Of course, some of us wore jeans with holes in the knees and cowboy boots. Still others had a style all their own right from the start. (And woe to the well-meaning mother who would try to repress that style.) Jane of See Jane Work is that little girl, all grown up. Maybe she’s traded her Mary Janes for Prada pumps. Maybe she’s still wearing her cowboy boots. Or maybe her unique style became a trend, and eager not to appear trendy, she re-invented her style, (and her mother still doesn’t get it).

The point is, Jane is a big girl now, and while she might still occasionally manage to skip rope, she must also manage to organize her career, her home, and her future.

See Jane Work offers working women, no matter what kind of work they do, the tools to manage their time efficiently, and to get and stay organized, so that they will be successful in whatever they do.

bohn_holly_2016_headshot_01So if Jane is fictional…who’s running the Company?

We knew you’d ask that.

Holly Bohn is the Founder and Creative Director. The idea for See Jane Work came when one of her many trips to an Office Superstore left her feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. “There is only so much you can do with smoke-colored plastic trays,” she exclaimed “There must be another way!” After consulting with several friends, she realized there were stylish office supplies out there; they were just so hard to find. See Jane Work was born, the online destination for office style and organization.

But it takes more than just an idea to keep See Jane Work running, it takes a great staff, as well as sales reps, vendors, artists, designers, and babysitters. We are working women and men just like you. We have husbands, and kids, and dogs, and in-laws, and parent-teacher meetings, and business meetings, and lots, and lots, and lots, of stuff going on all the time.

So we know why it’s important to stay organized, but we also know that there is more to life than manila folders and ball point pens accidentally lifted from the pediatrician’s office.

Yes we are busy, but we can still have fun. And we can still express our individuality. That is why we started See Jane Work. We know you don’t have time to search every website that comes up on Google looking for a notebook that says a little more about you than, “I got a coupon in the mail from Office Mart.” You want something that says, “I am unique. I have style. I will not wear sweatpants to a meeting with a client ever again, no matter how late I am running.”

We feel inspiration comes a little easier to those writing their thoughts in a pink leather journal rather than on the back of an envelope.

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