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Home Office Organization

When it comes to office organization there is no one size fits all. For one person a home office is a dedicated room, for another it’s a tiny bit of countertop in the kitchen. Besides the obvious differences in space, there are variations depending on the type of work being done. Are you running a family […]


Guide To Organized Travel

There’s no magic suitcase, at least to my knowledge, that puts outfits together and cleans clothes during travel. So it’s best to plan your outfits, travel lightly and organize your suitcase.  Use a packing list or print one and use our outfit planner, each time you travel. Use pouches to consolidate small, like items, undergarments and workout clothes for […]


Tech Organization – Recovery Box

The excitement of getting a new computer can often distract us from the important task of organizing the computer and its accouterments. Once the screen lights up, you instantly forget about things like the emergency recovery disk. That is, until there is an actual emergency. Part of being organized is being prepared for the times […]

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Useful Collections

Like love handles and grey hair, collections have a way of popping up. Take my mother-in-law for example, she loves jam and jelly. As a result she buys more than she can possibly consume, so now she has a jelly collection that we lovingly refer to as her Jelly Museum. I collect striped ceramics. Here […]


Your Gift Guide – Gifts by Personality

The Family Chef: recipe editor, tin recipe box, pantry labels, food markers, letterpress recipe cards The Girl On The Go: lipault weekend tote, 7-day pillbox, pack this pad, jewelry pouch, kate spade travel mug, in flight comfort kit, lipault 26″ suitcase The Hipster: ace pilot stapler, swell water bottle, copper desk accessories, sticky notes, everyday […]


Decorate Your Storage

It’s easy and fun to personalize your storage and desk accessories. Some good candidates for personalization include: See Jane Work White Desk Accessories Simple Structure Pencil Cup Three by Three Magnet Boards The craft store is full of fun stuff that can be used to personalize your storage and desk accessories. For this project we used […]


Holiday Travel Made Easy

1. Bring a commuter mug in your carry-on bag. By having the flight attendant pour your drinks directly into the mug you’ll not only avoid spills, but will need fewer refills. 2. Traveling can be hectic and scheduling time for your flat/curling iron to cool doesn’t help. Store heat appliances in a protective travel case […]