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5 Things Every Desk Needs


Maximize productivity and performance at work with these 5 essentials. And the best news is you'll not only be more organized, but happier at work for less than $50. 


Here are the 5 most important desk accessories:


1. Container to Organize Basic Supplies 

Something to hold business cards, writing instruments and paper clips is a must. If you prefer an empty desktop you’ll need a drawer organizer. If not, have some fun with this part of your desk. Keep business cards in an antique dish.  Use a vintage trophy for writing instruments. If you prefer a no fail solution, the See Jane Work Three Cup Tray Set is the perfect solution.  Store your cards or the ones you’ve collected from contacts.  There is a place for clips and writing instruments. Keep the cups in the tray or use the tray to hold your stapler and other desktop essentials.  Your desktop will look instantly neater with all the little items corralled in containers.

Pencil Cups and Trays to Organize Your Desktop

See Jane Work Three-Cup Tray Set - Pink / See Jane Work Three-Cup Tray Set - Blue / Silver Tray Similar to Shown / Silver Cup Similar to Shown
2. Paperwork Organizer or Document Pouches

I tried for years to get rid of paper in my life. I put every bill I could on email delivery. I used a phone app scanner and cloud drives, but despite my best efforts there is still paper. My own frustration brought about the See Jane Work Paperwork Organizer.  It’s like a stack of paper on your desk, but slightly more organized.  Visually it makes you look put together and the divided sections, make it a lot easier to find what you are working on.  Not interested in a Paperwork Organizer, a Document Pouch will also do the trick.

Paperwork Organizers

See Jane Work Dot Paperwork Organizer / See Jane Work Clear Document Pouch / See Jane Work Stripe Paperwork Organizer

3. Notebook

This next statement will likely be engraved on my tombstone, and I’m ok with that. To stay organized you need a dedicated notebook. You can’t expect to take over the world if you waste valuable time each day looking for a reminder you wrote on a sticky note, or trying to figure out which notepad you used at last week’s meeting. I love TUL notebooks with dividers, but they do require an investment. See Jane Work Journals are lightweight and uncomplicated.  Separate notes regarding home and work with the ribbon page markers.

Holly Bohn of See Jane Work Loves These Notebooks

See Jane Work Hustle Notebook / Office Depot TUL Notebook / See Jane Work Lady Boss Notebook

4. Letter Tray or Basket

A Paperwork Organizer is perfect for dealing with work-in-progress, but what about mail, incoming reports, filing or other documents you haven’t gotten to yet? A Letter Tray, Wall Pocket or correctly sized basket can collect all of those things. I keep three stacking Letter Trays on my desk labeled: incoming, to do and to file.

White Stacking Letter Trays Black Document Size Weave Bin Chambray Letter Trays

See Jane Work White Stacking Letter Trays / See Jane Work Document Size Plastic Weave Basket / See Jane Work Side Load Chambray Stacking Letter Trays

5. Something Fun or Inspirational

You should be having fun each day, every day.  If you are not, it could be time to rethink your career or where you work. But before you consider either of those moves, first try being the change in your workplace. Add motivational cards to your desktop.  Keep a four in a row game in your desk drawer and challenge a coworker to a quick game.  Changing the mood at work can start with you. Take a deep breath and think about what would make you smile more at work, then do more of that!

Holly Bohn See Jane Work Founder Recommends Having Fun at Work With These Things

See Jane Work Motivational Easel Set / See Jane Work Perpetual Calendar / Target Threshold Wooden Four In A Row Game