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Quick & Easy Bill Organization

Technology made it easier to pay most bills, but also created a bit of organizational confusion. There are some bills paid automatically, others online, and a few that require bank bill pay or check (I know weird...who besides my parents even has checks?). Even the way they arrive is difficult to track, some bills arrive via email, others in regular mail and some, like my HOA, arrive in a coupon book at the beginning of the year.

I’ve tried to simplify, but there are always a few companies that will not stick to the plan. To avoid confusion (and late fees) I created this handy monthly bill organizer (download for free here).  That way, even if a bill accidentally goes to my junk mail, it won’t be overlooked.

Bill Pay Organizer

I still use a Financial Organizer to keep anything I might need for future reference or taxes.

Financial Organizer

Organizing medical bills is it's own headache. I keep hard copies until I've reconciled the Health Savings Account ,with the Insurance  Statement of Benefits, and the Medical Bills. I keep them in a Paperwork Organizer until I reconcile and pay them. Once they are paid I scan in anything I need for tax purposes and shred the rest.

Paperwork Organizer