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Find Space For A Workspace

Sometimes there just isn’t room for a dedicated home office, in other situations the need for balance means finding space for a dedicated home office as well and a personal workspace. Here are some ideas that won’t require a room addition.


The space under the stairs is often closed off creating a dark, messy storage space.  Some people turn that under-the-stairs closet into a small office, but it can feel dark and cramped. Instead, leave the area exposed, for a light, bright, easy-to-access workspace.

Desk Under Stairs

Desk For Sofa Table

A small writing desk can take the place of a sofa table.  In the great room, shown below, the small writing desk is adjacent to the dining area, so it’s a desk, sofa table AND buffet.

If your budget is tight, consider purchasing an inexpensive writing desk from Office Depot, then upgrading the look by changing out the knob. The desk is about $150, the knob was $10, so for about $160, you get one piece of furniture to do the work of three.

Desk Behind Couch

Sofa Table For Desk

With the right sofa table, you may not even need a desk.  Pull up a chair to see if it’s a comfortable height from which to work.

Table Behind Couch

Nightstand Bedroom Workspace

I am well aware of the rule, no work, no TV in the bedroom, but if you have a very small house, you may not have a choice. My best friend, Marybeth, has a dedicated home office, but wanted a way to physically separate her work and personal offices, so I carved out a little space in her bedroom. I wanted it to function as a workspace, without looking like one.  We mixed the accessories she had on her nightstand, with the things she would need to pay bills and manage her household.

Desk in Bedroom

For this option to work, you must know yourself. If seeing an inbox with bills as you drift off to sleep will cause nightmares, a bedroom home office is not for you.  The See Jane Work Kate Desk and Desk Accessories, pictured, are available at Office Depot.