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Less Paper at Work

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Paper at Work

  1. Photograph receipts or use an expense app or scanning app

  2. Keep a cross-cut shredder close-at-hand, to shred documents immediately.

  3. Rather than having notes all over, keep one large block style notepad on your desk to jot down notes.

  4. Use a dedicated notebook for meeting notes and to-do lists.

  5. If you like to save articles, give Pinterest a try, it is great for more than just home improvement. Look for the article online and pin it to a Pinterest Board for that business topic, networking for example. If you can’t find it online, use a scanning app to upload it yourself, then discard the hard copy.

  6. For work-in-progress use a Paperwork Organizer or Project Envelope to keep paperwork together. When the project is complete shred anything already saved on the computer.

  7. Avoid printing out documents, by keeping everything you need for a project on collaborative software such as Trello, Basecamp or Google Docs. No more looking through your hard drive, email files and printed files to find documents or messages related to a project, these programs keep it all in one place.

  8. Date trade publications or catalogs as they arrive. Keep them in a dedicated magazine file and discard older versions as you run out of space.

  9. Save forms on the computer and print out as needed, better yet, look into updating forms so they can be submitted electronically.

  10. If you work closely with others, make sure they understand your organizational system, if they know when you will want a printed copy and when email is best, you can stop the paper at the source.