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Tips for Using SJW Planners

Before I tell you how to use the planners, I need to give you a little history behind them. My childhood could best be described as adventurous. While this may sound exciting (and in retrospect was exciting) for me, a born planner, it was also frustrating. I would take my mom's planners---discarded after her many failed organizational attempts---and plan out my day. I carefully scheduled activities, from playing dolls to climbing trees. But before the ink was dry, my mom would announce a surprise hike to the beach, someone in need of groceries, or a trail of clues with a surprise at the end. Oh, how I longed for structure and routine---that is until I got my wish.

My adult life became full of checklists and schedules. I was proud of my accomplishments, but something was missing. My life felt too busy, too scheduled. I was so focused on goals that I had forgotten to enjoy the day-to-day. I realized that there were times when structure was critical---like when I put myself through college or started See Jane Work---but not all the time. I lived for tomorrow, so focused on goals that I forgot to enjoy the process of getting there. My planners reflect the important lessons I learned from my mom, who lives everyday as if it might be her last. It turns out there is a happy medium between living on a whim and following a plan to reach your goals.

It is my sincere hope that this planner will help you live a joy-filled and accomplished life.

The Dashboard

Think of your monthly calendar view as your "dashboard," like a car dashboard, a quick glance helps you stay on track.

See Jane Work x ACCO x At-A-Glance Planner Month View

Big Idea

Fill in your main objective for the month or use a See Jane Work Planner Sticker to remember to get more exercise, spend time with friends, or whatever else you are working on in your life. If you focus on changing just one thing for 30 days, chances are it will be permanent, so your "Big Idea" should be something important.

Birthdays  & Events

Take time to celebrate. Record birthdays and school or community events in the "Birthdays & Events" section.  You never know when your schedule will open up. If you record things like Farmers Market in the events section, not on your calendar, it becomes something you could do, not something you have to do. If your planner doubles as a diary you can even record important events after the fact.

Don't Forget

The "Don't Forget" section is kind of like a bucket list. You have a lot of "to do's" each month, but the three or four things you must get done belong here.

Weekly View

The design of the weekly view calendar is adaptable for a variety of lifestyles. Each day is divided into three shaded sections. Label the sections simply: morning, afternoon or evening. You can also label by family members, work and home, class schedule, or whatever works best for you.

Each day has lines and check boxes for important tasks or errands. I mostly use the monthly view, because I use a combination of my phone and planner.