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Loft Space Workspace

When purchasing a home, a bright airy loft space is so appealing. You fantasize about how you will turn it into a play area, teenage hangout or reading nook. Then you move in to the house and reality sets in. Small children like to stay close, so they end up bringing all their toys to you, not playing up in the loft.  The teenagers want privacy, and every conversation in the loft area carries through the house.  As for the reading area, it’s a nice idea, but you can only read without interruption in a room with a lock on the door.

Maybe I’m projecting my issues on you.  Maybe your kids are perfect or you don’t have a loft.  Either way, keep reading, these styling ideas will work in any workspace.

Space Shelves Seating

I love having a chair in my office.  If I have to read a trade publication or report, I like to leave my desk and get comfortable.  Here I’ve added some bookshelf storage and of course a reading light.  On the bookshelf I use magazine files to organize publications, that would otherwise look messy. A magnet board on an easel is a great way to write inspirational reminders, notes to your kids or easily display photos.

Loft Space Storage Space

Closed storage is a must in any office. I like to hide my printer, electronics and extra supplies.

Most items pictured are available at Office Depot. Desk, cabinet and bookshelf, SeeJaneWork Striped Desk Accessories, Desk chair and sitting chair available at World Market.