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Office Organizing Quick Start

Get your office organized in record time.

You Will Need


You may need additional boxes depending on your work, for example, books and reference or samples and swatches. 

Box Organization

I don’t know how I end up with shoes in my office, but I’ve seen enough offices to know that I’m not the only one.

Box Organization Illustration

Donate gently used laptop cases or portfolios to Dress for Success. Keep only enough office supplies on hand that you can use within a year’s time. Donate the rest.

Desk Supplies Illustration

Desk Tools Illustration

Try decorative file folders for work-in-progress.  It visually separates “to do” from “to file.”  If it’s been in your “to do” pile for over a year, get rid of it, it must not be that important. For now label folders with sticky notes, you can go back later and print out labels all at one time. 

Desk Supply Illustration 2

Desk Supply Illustration 3