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Lovely Things I Can't Live Without

My blog posts usually have to do with business or organization, but there are a few things that I'm so often asked about, I decided to share them. Here are a few lovely things that I just can't live without.

See Jane Work Founder Holly Bohn Things I Love

1) Grace Masonry St. Augustine Candle 2) Radiate Joy Vitamin D Cream 3) Liz James Reese Earrings 4) Liz James Robyn Necklace 5) Teleties Tortoise Hair Tie 6) Image Ormedic Lip Complex 7) TUL notebook 8) Mini Mini Jewels Dog Tag Necklace

It's not only difficult to travel with gobs of jewelry, but as a creative director I make so many daily style decisions that I don't want to spend time deciding on accessories.  So most of the time, I wear Liz James Reese earrings.  They go with almost everything, are lightweight, real gold (so no allergic reactions), affordable, handmade in Texas, and woman-owned. I also wear the Liz James Robyn Necklace layered with the Mini Mini Jewels Tiny Initial Dog Tag (also woman-owned). Yes, I have pearl studs, some fun going out earrings, and other lovely things, but mostly I wear these three pieces. I've tossed all the cheap costume jewelry that irritated my skin, and cluttered my dresser, it makes getting ready in the morning so much easier.

I met the Teleties ladies at a tradeshow and not only did I fall in love with them, but I fell in love with their hair ties.  They look great on my wrist or in my hair. They don't leave indentations, so I can go from blow out to bun and back. They also don't pull or get stuck. The tortoise Teleties are my favorite, but I also have several other colors. These are on repeat, every single day I have a Teleties somewhere on my body.

My esthetician/friend got me hooked on some lip stuff. It doesn't have that rebound drying effect. It feels like it actually cures chapped or dry lips---which happens every time I'm on an airplane (and yes, I drink a lot of water). I don't even bother with lipstick or gloss anymore, just Image Ormedic Lip Complex over a lip pencil. This is always on my lips, in my purse and in my travel bag.

I live in Florida--the sunshine state, but for some reason was always low on Vitamin D. Turns out, many people are low in this important vitamin. I won't go into the why, you can Google that, but I did actually work with Dr. Randolph to help formulate Radiate Joy just so I could use it. One pump of this cream-based vitamin rubbed into a thin-skinned area, such as my chest or wrist, twice daily and my Vitamin D levels are perfect. It also has the adaptogenic herb Ashwagandha, which helps the body combat stress. Who doesn't need help with stress? One bottle lasts me about 6 weeks.

It is my job to create office supplies, but I hardly bother with notebooks these days, because I'm so in love with my TUL notebook. The covers change seasonally so you can update your look or stick with a traditional black faux leather. You can change the rings, and customize the inside, by adding to do lists, regular lined paper, dividers, etc.  I use the junior size 5.5 x 8.5" cause it fits in my work bag, but there is also an 8.5 x 11" if you want full size.

A go-to hostess gift is a must-have for every busy woman. Unfortunately I realized, just as I'm writing this, that my go-to hostess gift is out-of-stock! I'm freaking out a little bit, but let's hope the Grace Masonry St. Augustine Candle comes back soon. I am not only obsessed with the way it smells, but love supporting local business. It might be worth locating a candle maker, specific to your area, for your go-to hostess gift. I love sending far away friends something from home. The scent is a cross between the beach and an orange grove, which is exactly what St. Augustine smells like. The simple wrap fits with just about any decor, and it's natural so the scent isn't overwhelming or asthma inducing.