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Quick Fix For Paperwork Piles

No matter how hard I try, there is a pile of paperwork I just can’t seem to eliminate. What’s in the pile? Oh, well, that changes. I wish I could tell you that today’s pile includes exciting party invitations and travel plans, but sadly, it does not. Today, my paperwork (and life) are not very glamorous, there is a contract to review, an IRS form to fill out, instructions for an upcoming medical procedure (nothing serious) and a bill I need to call about. Fortunately, the rest of the items on my task list don’t require actual paper.

The problem with paper is that it multiplies quickly. It’s easy to add to an already growing pile, but not so easy to start a pile on a perfectly clean desk or counter top. I designed the Paperwork Organizer, to solve this exact problem. Once designed, I had to wait several months to get a finished product that I could actually use. I’m thrilled to say it works! As you can see, the Organizer looks a lot better than a stack of paper and is much easier to navigate.

Paperwork Organizer

I sort my paperwork into the tabbed pockets. I use two Organizers, one for home and one for the office. I also love that it is portable, so it goes with me when I travel.If you don’t need something as portable or have a bit more paperwork, try a file box with hanging files.

File Box

If you have another system that works for you, please share it in the comments.