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See Jane Work Statement on COVID-19


Dear Friends,

Even an organizational, productivity expert like myself procrastinates sometimes.  Although, I did procrastinate when it came to writing this, I did not procrastinate in taking necessary action to keep our team safe. 

Last week we began transitioning our office to work from home.  It took a few days to make sure everyone had the necessary equipment and beginning Monday of this week everyone was at home.

At the moment our warehouse is operational, but that could change at any moment.  We are practicing the advice of the CDC and as a result we have limited the number of staff in the warehouse.  This could result in slight delays in processing your order.

We are facing many of the same challenges as you, trying to get organized and adjust to working from home everyday, juggling kids---now out of school---with work, and worrying about what all this means for our economy.

Over the next few days I will be posting tips on the blog to help during these uncertain times, to help you stay positive, productive and organized.