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Tagged: Organize

  • Hide Your Shredder - Home Office Hacks

    Hide Your Shredder - Home Office...

    When I started See Jane Work, in 2004, it was out of necessity.  I could not find office supplies that were functional and stylish.  A lot has changed since then...

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  • Spring Clean Your Office

    Spring Cleaning used to be so easy… hold on a minute, before you come after me with your brooms and pitchforks, hear me out. The spring cleaning of the 1950’s...

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    Spring Clean Your Office
  • Less Paper at Work

    Less Paper at Work

    10 Easy Ways to Reduce Paper at Work. It's easier to stay organized, when you have less paperwork to deal with. Photograph receipts or use an expense app or scanning...

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  • 10 Things to Remove from Your...

    Clean-up your office quickly by removing these 10 things. Broken office supplies. Loose change. If only dollars multiplied as quickly as pennies. Not sure why, but loose change piles up...

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    10 Things to Remove from Your Office (Immediately)
  • Quick Fix Schoolwork Paperwork

    Quick Fix Schoolwork Paperwork

    My mom decided to part with some family photos and other keepsakes.  She carefully divided them between the three of us, but my eldest sister’s pile seemed slightly bigger than...

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