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The Well-Packed Work Bag

Understanding what it takes for a woman to have a productive and happy day at work is my job. And being prepared is in my DNA, in college I had a well-packed backpack, with young kids, I had a well-packed diaper bag, now it’s a well-packed work bag.  Seeing inside a woman's handbag or work bag can sometimes tell you more about that person than the inside of their house.

There are a lot of factors that go into a well-packed work bag, the length of your commute, the type of work you do, even your age can affect what you can and can’t live without during the day. Here’s what I keep in my bag, aside from the obvious wallet and keys.

I’m a sucker for a good phone case.  I’m currently back and forth between the Sonix Tortoise Shell and The Daily Edit heart with my name. I’m having a tortoise shell moment in a big way.

Holly Bohn of See Jane Work Shows Items In Her Workbag

1. Sonix Tortoise Case / The Daily Edit Monogram Phone Case 2.TUL Notebook / TUL Pen 3.Health Warrior Bar 4.IZIPIZI Reading Glasses 5.Colgate Wisp 6.Travel Silverware Kit

The TUL notebook is my go to.  I even have tabs for different note sections, like home or work. I like using TUL or Pilot pens. I keep a pen in the holder in my notebook and an extra in a See Jane Work Faux Leather Pouch, it has a cute little heart in the corner (pictured above) and it doubles as a clutch. I have the black envelope style business card holder (also pictured above).

I keep snacks on me because you don't want to know me when I'm hungry. So in my SJW pouch is my current favorite snack, the Health Warrior Chia Bar in Dark Chocolate Cherry. It’s healthy, small, and tastes pretty good, but not so good I feel like eating 500 in a row---which is a legitimate concern with some snacks. My reading glasses (also in tortoise shell) are IZIPIZI Style E, the strength is 1.5, because if I’m going to tell you what’s in my purse, I may as well tell you everything. I had 20/20 vision till about age 41. Then at 45 I had to ask people to read for me, at 46 I admitted there was a problem, and now carry glasses with me. Colgate Wisps are in there---because fresh breath is helpful. Last but not least, my travel set of silverware.  I have a set from Starbucks, but I couldn’t find it online, so here is something similar from Uncommon Goods. The whole travel with your silverware thing started out of concern for the environment, but has been convenient on many levels. Once running between flights I grabbed a to-go salad and boarded an airplane. I was starving, but could not get a fork from the flight attendant until an hour into the flight. TSA has since confiscated my butter knife, but I still have the fork and spoon so nothing stands between me and food.

In the middle of a project, I usually have a little paperwork that I take to and from my office or on errands, for that I use a Paperwork Organizer or Clear Document Holder.

There are two pouches in my work bag, the See Jane Work Pouch and a One Truffle Clarity Pouch.  Liquids stay in the Clarity Pouch so if I’m traveling I don’t have to think about repacking my work bag, I’m TSA ready all the time. Image ORMEDIC lip complex is ALWAYS with me. I don’t know what kind of magic they use, but it is the best lip stuff. I keep a neutral lip liner in my bag and then just put the lip complex over the top, rather than traveling with various shades. Other stuff in the bag: Everyone Hand Sanitizer in Coconut + Lemon, Nail File, Weleda Hand Cream, Image Moisturizing Sunscreen---because I live in Florida, and Radiate ENERGY---because stress can reduce Vitamin B levels and life is stressful. I use these little containers from MUJI for the sunscreen, and ENERGY because the bottles are a little too big to travel with. I always have hair ties with me, because my hair starts out amazing, but then ends up in a bun.  At least with Teleties (and only Teleties) I can go from bun to down again without creases.

Holly Bohn Work Bag Favorite Must Have Products

1.One Truffle Clarity Pouch 2.Ormedic Lip Complex 3.Hand Sanitizer Coconut + Lemon 4.Mini Nail File 5.Weleda Hand Cream 6.Image Sunscreen 7.Radiate ENERGY B Vitamins you wear 8.MUJI Acrylic Cosmetic Container 9.Teleties

I keep my Microsoft Surface Laptop in the See Jane Work Document Pouch.

See Jane Work Document Pouch Also Holds Microsoft Surface

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As for my work bag, currently using Clare V Le Zip Sac in black, looks like this, but obviously with my monogram.

My Current Work Bag - The Clare V Le Zip Bag With Monogram