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Use Wall Space to Get Organized


When counter or desktop space is at a premium, just look up.  Your walls aren’t simply for décor, they can provide valuable and much needed storage space. Wall systems are also great for visual organizers.  Not sure which type of organizer you are? Visual organizers need to see things to remember them. If your refrigerator is covered with reminders or you’ve always had a penchant for bulletin boards, you are likely a visual organizer.

There are a lot of great wall organization systems in the market, but of course I’m going to recommend the See Jane Work system, after all I did design it. While the See Jane Work Wall System looks simple, it actually took almost a year to design something that was affordable, customizable, lightweight and minimized holes in the wall. 

Here’s how to get your wall space organized:

  1. Decide how much space you have. The Hanging Wall Files, Bulletin and White Boards measures 12” wide x 12” tall, connected they measure 12 x 23” (they overlap at just under 1”). The Wall Caddy or Hooks measure 12 x 6”. We style them with about 2” horizontal space between pockets.

  2. Decide what you need to store. Outgoing mail, keys, bills to pay, to do’s, invitations, even basic supplies like scissors or reading glasses can be stored on the wall.  The Hanging Wall Caddy is great for the smaller stuff.  The Wall File holds letter size file folders so is great for documents, incoming mail or some magazines.

  3. Configure your system. You can cut paper the size of the wall pockets (remember to overlap connected pieces by 1”), or use blue painters tape to mark off the wall to see how they look. If you are hanging the system over your desk, sit down at the desk to make sure the height works at that level.

  4. Hang it.  The pieces connect so you’ll need just one set of holes for each vertical section. Depending on the type of wall and the weight of what you plan to hang you may be able to use push pins rather than nails.

  5. Accessorize. Add a calendar, keys or other hanging items to the bottom pegs. To hang the See Jane Work calendar we used small black ribbon. Label your pockets, decorate with Washi Tape or a Cricut.

  6. Sharing is caring.  Take a picture of your new wall organization system, we would love to see it. Share your version of the See Jane Work wall system on Instagram, tag us @seejanework, #seemework for a chance to be featured in our stories.

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