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  • Home Office Organization

    Home Office Organization

    When it comes to office organization there is no one size fits all. For one person a home office is a dedicated room, for another it’s a tiny bit of...

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  • Guide To Organized Travel

    There’s no magic suitcase, at least to my knowledge, that puts outfits together and cleans clothes during travel. So it’s best to plan your outfits, travel lightly and organize your...

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    Guide To Organized Travel
  • Guide To Packing

    Guide To Packing

    My father traveled for business during 80% of my formative years. I can’t tell you how many times I sat on his bed begging him not to leave–oops, getting off...

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  • Useful Collections

    Like love handles and grey hair, collections have a way of popping up. Take my mother-in-law for example, she loves jam and jelly. As a result she buys more than...

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    Useful Collections
  • Decorate Your Storage

    Decorate Your Storage

    It’s easy and fun to personalize your storage and desk accessories. Some good candidates for personalization include: See Jane Work White Desk Accessories Simple Structure Pencil Cup Three by Three Magnet...

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