The collected, well-traveled elements of Bohemian spaces are appealing, but such spaces evolve over time. Who has time for that? As it turns out, it is possible to create a highly-functional, boho-inspired workspace without the traveling or collecting. Short on both time and money? Don’t worry, this entire office cost less than $500. While I would have […]

When I was growing up I dreamt of the day I would no longer have to share my personal space; that, to me, was a true measure of success. Then I had kids and realized that I would be sharing my personal space for the rest of my life. My children were worse than any […]

Celebrating the holidays in your office can foster teamwork and improve morale, but sharp knives and angry pumpkins could have the opposite affect. A fellow blogger and friend, Laura Richard, suggested decorating pumpkins with push pins.  She got the idea from A Subtle Revelry (link here).  I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate the fall […]

Sometimes art is the inspiration behind a room and other times it’s the last thing you need to complete a room. When outfitting an office decorating your walls becomes an even greater challenge. Whether you like it or not, you will be judged by your coworkers, clients, boss and anyone else who sets foot in […]

Like love handles and grey hair, collections have a way of popping up. Take my mother-in-law for example, she loves jam and jelly. As a result she buys more than she can possibly consume, so now she has a jelly collection that we lovingly refer to as her Jelly Museum. I collect striped ceramics. Here […]

It’s easy and fun to personalize your storage and desk accessories. Some good candidates for personalization include: See Jane Work White Desk Accessories Simple Structure Pencil Cup Three by Three Magnet Boards The craft store is full of fun stuff that can be used to personalize your storage and desk accessories. For this project we used […]

It was love at first sight when I saw this office, designed by Ashley Whittaker, in the September 2012 issue of House Beautiful. Unfortunately, with grass cloth walls and custom cabinetry, it is a look that is completely out of my budget. I decided to recreate this office on a budget. I even made my […]

I love the look of mounted butterflies, not sure why, it might be the 3D effect. The problem is I feel so sad for the butterflies—and it’s expensive. I wanted butterfly art for my office so I had to find an alternative.  I decided to make a butterfly mount out of paper butterflies.  It looks great […]

[huge_it_slider id=”58″][spacer height=”20px”] To make your own bag simply cut-out a heart shape, trace onto the bag, then paint.[spacer height=”20px”] [huge_it_slider id=”59″] Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. With your leftover paint, a simple white pencil cup and some red pencils you can make a fun Valentine’s Day surprise for a coworker.

Over the summer I enjoyed a Martha Stewart Living article about shell art. I’ve always been a fan of beach décor, not kitschy beach themed accents, just simple furniture and accessories that remind me of summer. Inspired by that article, I attempted some shell art for my office. Here are the end results: Make Your Own BUY […]