Broken office supplies. Those broken pencils, stop and start ink pens and are a nuisance. Throw them out, all of them and invest in a brand new package of matching pens or pencils. Loose change. If only dollars multiplied as quickly as pennies. Not sure why, but loose change piles up in my office, on […]

The collected, well-traveled elements of Bohemian spaces are appealing, but such spaces evolve over time. Who has time for that? As it turns out, it is possible to create a highly-functional, boho-inspired workspace without the traveling or collecting. Short on both time and money? Don’t worry, this entire office cost less than $500. While I would have […]

When I started See Jane Work, in 2004, it was out of necessity.  I could not find office supplies that were functional and stylish.  A lot has changed since then (you can thank me later), computers are tiny, desk accessories are stylish, even my desk lamp has a good looking cord. Unfortunately, there are still a few […]

When I was growing up I dreamt of the day I would no longer have to share my personal space; that, to me, was a true measure of success. Then I had kids and realized that I would be sharing my personal space for the rest of my life. My children were worse than any […]

Theresa is one of those women that other women love to hate.  (On a side note, I don’t recommend hating, it’s not a good look.) She is incredibly fun, hard-working, talented and stylish. This mother of four boys, 2 dogs and 2 cats also runs a successful business from an envy-inducing home office. I pride […]

I make changes to my home office often, but this set-up, photographed for House Beautiful, was one of my favorite.  Except for the office supplies, nothing in my home office was specifically designed for office use.  I love the idea of buying furniture that can be used for a variety of purposes.  Just like my […]

When purchasing a home, a bright airy loft space is so appealing. You fantasize about how you will turn it into a play, teenage hangout or reading area.  Then you move in to the house and reality sets in. Small children like to stay close, so they end up bringing all their toys to you, not playing up […]

Sometimes there just isn’t room for a dedicated home office, in other situations the need for balance means finding space for a dedicated home office as well and a personal workspace.  Here are some ideas that won’t require a room addition. Under-the-Stairs The space under the stairs is often closed off creating a dark, messy storage space.  Some […]

I have a hard time committing to a big project or taking big risks when it comes to decorating my office. When I’m in my office I’m working, not decorating.  I wanted to do something quick to change up the look. I had been thinking about painting this bookshelf for many years, but because it’s made out […]