My father traveled for business during 80% of my formative years. I can’t tell you how many times I sat on his bed begging him not to leave–oops, getting off track–I mean watching him pack. Yet somehow when I started traveling, I was at a complete loss. Packing is completely different for most women and […]

There’s no magic suitcase, at least to my knowledge, that puts outfits together and cleans clothes during travel. So it’s best to plan your outfits, travel lightly and organize your suitcase.  Use a packing list or print one and use our outfit planner, each time you travel. Use pouches to consolidate small, like items, undergarments and workout clothes for […]

1. Bring a commuter mug in your carry-on bag. By having the flight attendant pour your drinks directly into the mug you’ll not only avoid spills, but will need fewer refills. 2. Traveling can be hectic and scheduling time for your flat/curling iron to cool doesn’t help. Store heat appliances in a protective travel case […]

Sometimes there just isn’t room for a home office. Other times the only place for a home office is in a remote corner of the house, so far from all the action that your kids have to call you on the phone to ask a question about their homework (maybe that’s not such a bad […]

Business travel only sounds glamorous to those left behind to answer the phone, open the mail, and ship out the samples you forgot. Sure there may be a few people for whom travel is glamorous, but for the other 99.9% of us who do not fly on the corporate jet traveling for work is, well….work. […]

Depending on where you live, a significant percentage of you and/or your family’s life could be spent in the car. At times you may even ask yourself why you bought the big fancy house and the little sports car; it should have been the other way around. Make the most of your travel time by […]