Photograph receipts or use an expense app or scanning app Keep a cross-cut shredder close-at-hand, to shred documents immediately. Here is  an idea for keeping one hidden in plain sight. Rather than having notes all over, keep one large block style notepad on your desk to jot down notes. Use a dedicated notebook for meeting […]

Broken office supplies. Those broken pencils, stop and start ink pens and are a nuisance. Throw them out, all of them and invest in a brand new package of matching pens or pencils. Loose change. If only dollars multiplied as quickly as pennies. Not sure why, but loose change piles up in my office, on […]

As I write this blog post, surrounded by paperwork, I realize my attempts at going paperless have been dismal failures.  Then it dawned on me, it is paper-less, not paper-free. The goal here is not to get rid of all paper, it is to have less paper, which I have successfully accomplished. This is a two-part blog […]

I don’t know about you, but I think I paid more late fees last year than I did when I wasn’t a steadily employed, mostly responsible adult. Let me assure you, there is nothing stylish about late fees. Technology made it easier to pay most bills, but also created a bit of organizational confusion. There are […]

You were right about that antique farm table, it fits perfectly and looks stunning in your home office.  The problem is, when your desk isn’t really a desk, there isn’t room for supplies, files and work-in-progress. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Here are 5 easy ways to organize a desk […]

My mom decided to part with some family photos and other keepsakes.  She carefully divided them between the three of us, but my eldest sister’s pile seemed slightly bigger than mine.  Much to my mother’s dismay, I am a true middle child and as such have the uncanny ability to recognize even the slightest hint of unfairness. When […]

No matter how hard I try, there is a pile of paperwork I just can’t seem to eliminate. What’s in the pile? Oh, well, that changes. I wish I could tell you that today’s pile includes exciting party invitations and travel plans, but sadly, it does not. Today, my paperwork (and life) are not very glamorous, there is a contract to […]

When I started See Jane Work, in 2004, it was out of necessity.  I could not find office supplies that were functional and stylish.  A lot has changed since then (you can thank me later), computers are tiny, desk accessories are stylish, even my desk lamp has a good looking cord. Unfortunately, there are still a few […]

When I was growing up I dreamt of the day I would no longer have to share my personal space; that, to me, was a true measure of success. Then I had kids and realized that I would be sharing my personal space for the rest of my life. My children were worse than any […]