“I hold this as a rule of life: too much of anything is bad.” Terrence McKenna was definitely NOT referring to meetings when he made this statement.  Regardless, it sums up exactly how I feel about meetings. I have earned a reputation for being a meeting dodger, it’s because I tend to over correct.  After […]

You would be shocked to know that although I’m considered an Organizing Expert, my office is not always neat and tidy.  We all know being organized is important, but it isn’t always easy! In a recent survey, commissioned by Post-it® Brand (my finance background is coming out…here come the numbers), 66% of office workers reported […]

Spring Cleaning used to be so easy…..now hold on a minute, before you come after me with your brooms and pitchforks, hear me out. The spring cleaning of the 1950’s may have been physically demanding, but today’s spring cleaning is mentally exhausting. The benefit gained from washing machines, vacuum cleaners and steam mops, has been quickly […]

Life is full of change. One moment you’re single and carefree the next you have three kids and a mortgage. Well maybe it wasn’t exactly a moment, but sometimes it feels that way. About 1% of the population plans their life out perfectly; you know the ones who prepare for each chapter of their life […]

Do you ever have those days when you just don’t know where to start? Days you find yourself staring at your computer screen, but can’t remember why? Today, I’m having one of those days. This seems to happen on the very days I have the most to get done. As I looked into it, I found that it’s […]

  Get your office organized in record time. You may need additional boxes depending on your work, for example, books and reference or samples and swatches. I don’t know how I end up with shoes in my office, but I’ve seen enough offices to know that I’m not the only one.Donate gently used laptop cases or […]

A video tutorial that will show you how to quickly and easily clean up a messy desk.

This video tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily set-up a basic filing system.

The first step in creating a filing system that really works is to identify your natural organizing methods and thought processes. By recognizing your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to paperwork, you can design a system that works the way you work. To help you get started, we’ve outlined some common paper management styles, […]