When it comes to office organization there is no one size fits all. For one person a home office is a dedicated room, for another it’s a tiny bit of countertop in the kitchen. Besides the obvious differences in space, there are variations depending on the type of work being done. Are you running a family […]

The excitement of getting a new computer can often distract us from the important task of organizing the computer and its accouterments. Once the screen lights up, you instantly forget about things like the emergency recovery disk. That is, until there is an actual emergency. Part of being organized is being prepared for the times […]

I remember when I first started See Jane Work, there was no time to decorate or organize my office.  When I finally made time, it made a huge difference in my attitude and productivity. When you start a business you spend so much time in your office, it should be a place you enjoy, so […]

The first step in creating a filing system that really works is to identify your natural organizing methods and thought processes. By recognizing your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to managing paperwork, you can design a system that works the way you work. To help you get started we’ve outlined some common organizing styles […]

I used to look forward to holiday baking, decorating and wrapping gifts. I would even go so far as to say I was talented in these areas. Unfortunately, in the last few years my holiday cheer has been replaced by holiday guilt. With three kids and a full-time job I never have enough time to […]

I’m a little picky when it comes to furniture. I might scrimp on something simple like a side table, but if it has drawers or other moving pieces I insist on quality. I’ve been looking for a dresser for my youngest son, but everything that I like and is well-made is out of my price […]

Ugh, I just barely made it through tax time sane and sober and now I’m writing about it. Most people make New Year’s Resolutions; this year I made tax time resolutions. You know the kind, I’m going to keep my receipts organized, I’ll enter everything into Quicken and maybe, just maybe I’ll stick to my […]

You thought your note taking days were over when you graduated; little did you know that you would be taking pen to paper for the rest of your life. Whether you end up in a corporate boardroom, the PTA or on a family reunion planning committee you’ll likely be forced to endure meetings.  And if […]

The whole blogging craze has me feeling a little inadequate. Not a “go out and buy a Corvette” kind of inadequate.  It’s the girl kind, you know the “she does it better” inadequate.  I visit great blogs, like I Heart Organizing and see entire homes that are both stylish and organized.  I don’t know about […]

I had to reach out to Melissa Picheny after seeing amazing before and after photos of kitchens that she had de-cluttered and designed.[huge_it_slider id=”60″][spacer height=”20px”] Holly Bohn-Weiss: How did you get started? Melissa Picheny: I had a natural desire to help friends and family get organized. I found that once they could let go of old habits they […]