[huge_it_slider id=”61″][spacer height=”20px”] I promise that Make Your Own isn’t going to be all about bulletin boards. I realize that the first two posts in this series have been on this subject, but it’s been out of necessity. I promise to bring you some fresh new ideas soon….very soon, for now I bring you an […]

I love to read through collections of ideas for dual purposing objects. People send in their ideas to a magazine, and then the editor publishes the ideas that are most clever. Dual purposing products is important as it not only eliminates clutter, it also helps the environment by reducing waste. The only problem with these […]

I’ve always enjoyed the Do and Don’t sections in fashion magazines. You know the ones that have photographs with captions under them “Do wear an animal print belt, don’t wear an animal print spandex body suit.” In these instances a picture is worth a thousand words. Being an entertainer and dressing well are not mutually […]