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The first question that pops into most people’s heads when they hear about our company is, “Who is Jane”?

The name See Jane Work was inspired by the Dick and Jane books of the 1950's. A lot has changed in the world since those books were first written, and we wanted to point it out. Jane is a big girl now, and while she might still occasionally manage to skip rope, she has a career and a family and ambition.

Jane is a fictional character who embodies everything working women are today. Whether our work is in the home, in the office, or, in our home-office, we are expert organizers and multi-taskers who can lead the staff meeting, make the contract revisions, and schedule the vet appointment, all before we’ve had our second cup of coffee.

See Jane Work offers working women, no matter what kind of work they do, the tools to manage their time efficiently, and to get and stay organized, so they can create a life and living they love.

So if Jane is fictional…who’s running the Company?

Holly Bohn (Pittman) launched See Jane Work in 2004 after becoming discouraged by the challenge of finding office supplies and desk accessories for her accounting office. She wanted a workspace that was productive and organized, but also fun and unique, so she decided to create a brand with the products she wanted.

See Jane Work has been a proud partner of Office Depot since 2010. You can find over 144 See Jane Work products in Office Depot, Office Max stores nationwide. To date See Jane Work and Holly have been featured in over 300 publications and media outlets including: Oprah's O List, Wall Street Journal, Real Simple and many, many more. And in 2014 Holly was formally recognized for her innovation and contributions to the office supply industry. 

Although Holly is proud of what she has accomplished in her career, her biggest success is her family. She is a mother to three sons, and wife to an incredibly supportive man named Bill. Rapid success is not without challenges, but her family has loved her and encouraged her through it all.

It takes more than just Holly to keep See Jane Work running, it takes a great staff, as well as sales reps, vendors, artists, designers, and babysitters. We are working women and men just like you. We have husbands, and kids, and dogs, and in-laws, and parent-teacher meetings, and business meetings, and lots, and lots of stuff going on all the time. Yes we are busy, but we can still have fun. And we can still express our individuality. That is the See Jane Work brand.  

Connect with Holly on LinkedIn.  Follow Holly on Instagram @hollyabohn