My mom decided to part with some family photos and other keepsakes.  She carefully divided them between the three of us, but my eldest sister’s pile seemed slightly bigger than mine.  Much to my mother’s dismay, I am a true middle child and as such have the uncanny ability to recognize even the slightest hint of unfairness. When […]

No matter how hard I try, there is a pile of paperwork I just can’t seem to eliminate. What’s in the pile? Oh, well, that changes. I wish I could tell you that today’s pile includes exciting party invitations and travel plans, but sadly, it does not. Today, my paperwork (and life) are not very glamorous, there is a contract to […]

When I started See Jane Work, in 2004, it was out of necessity.  I could not find office supplies that were functional and stylish.  A lot has changed since then (you can thank me later), computers are tiny, desk accessories are stylish, even my desk lamp has a good looking cord. Unfortunately, there are still a few […]

In high school and college, group projects were the bane of my existence. Even worse than being assigned a group project was being assigned to a specific group. I often ended up with teammates who would rather master a keg stand than statistical analysis. As it turns out, group projects, along with messy siblings and […]

When I was growing up I dreamt of the day I would no longer have to share my personal space; that, to me, was a true measure of success. Then I had kids and realized that I would be sharing my personal space for the rest of my life. My children were worse than any […]

“I hold this as a rule of life: too much of anything is bad.” Terrence McKenna was definitely NOT referring to meetings when he made this statement.  Regardless, it sums up exactly how I feel about meetings. I have earned a reputation for being a meeting dodger, it’s because I tend to over correct.  After […]

You would be shocked to know that although I’m considered an Organizing Expert, my office is not always neat and tidy.  We all know being organized is important, but it isn’t always easy! In a recent survey, commissioned by Post-it® Brand (my finance background is coming out…here come the numbers), 66% of office workers reported […]

Life is full of change. One moment you’re single and carefree the next you have three kids and a mortgage. Well maybe it wasn’t exactly a moment, but sometimes it feels that way. About 1% of the population plans their life out perfectly; you know the ones who prepare for each chapter of their life […]

When purchasing a home, a bright airy loft space is so appealing. You fantasize about how you will turn it into a play, teenage hangout or reading area.  Then you move in to the house and reality sets in. Small children like to stay close, so they end up bringing all their toys to you, not playing up […]

Oh the irony, that today of all days I would be writing about work life balance. At 6:50 am my middle son told me he would need a ride, at 7 and 8 am, to and from Lacrosse practice. I ended up feeding and dressing his little brother in the car, then driving back home […]